There’s nothing better for us at Blue Coffee Pictures than to see a company we’ve done work for see incredible success.

We’ve done commercial videos for a wide variety of products, but none have taken off quite like our recent project with Hidrate.

HidrateMe is essentially a smart water bottled being funded through kickstarter. (Click here to see the full project and even buy yours if you act before July 13.) The HidrateMe team set a modest goal of raising $35,000 to help get the first order of bottles into production. What has happened since has been nothing short of amazing. As of July 11, the project has raised over $543k.

You can see in the image below that it took on quick growth and continues to grow.


It probably shouldn’t surprise us though. As you can see in the video the founders were all in and had their plan together. What is seen on the video of the Kickstarter is a clean, direct message that has resonated with almost 7,000 backers of the project, but it’s always fun to look behind the scenes.

Blue Coffee Mobile Editing StudioHidrate found us on our vimeo page and specifically was looking for a cutting edge video company that could mold their message from idea into video. It worked out that as a Midwest-based video company, we were able to work easily with them since they are based in Minneapolis.

The biggest challenge for us was the turnaround time. We had less than a week to get it turned around and back. With another shoot scheduled later that week in Indiana, Blue Coffee team member Joe got to spend the trip across I-70 working in the passenger seat in a makeshift editing bay while Michael piloted the car.

In the end, it’s a project we are proud to have played a part in and we can’t wait to see where HidrateMe goes from here.

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