A prototype for future homes

A prototype for future homes

When it comes to making films for companies around Kansas City and beyond, we always love finding partners who are innovative thinkers.

Blue Coffee Pictures definitely found one in Acre.

Acre, which is also based in Kansas City, makes energy efficient homes that are affordable for the average family. In Acre’s newest project, it has gone from energy efficient homes to a new challenge — a NetZero home. Essentially, imagine a home that doesn’t have any utility bills. Pretty cool, huh?

Acre’s plan is to build its first NetZero home in Kansas City and they need your help. Currently they are raising funds on IndieGogo. It’s a great project that could be the first step in rethinking how homes are built not only across Kansas City but across the nation.

If you are interested in helping, they have some cool rewards for donating ranging from t-shirts to a private seven-course dinner inside the house once it is completed.

Please take the three minutes to view the video explaining Acre’s NetZero home.

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